The Beginning of A(nother) Digital Journey

Since early 2010 I’ve been travelling the world helping my clients adapt to and take advantage of the rapid evolution of digital technology. Some of these clients need help taking baby steps to advance their digital agendas, while others are pushing hard to incorporate digital across their entire value chains.

I’m currently a member of the IBM Social Business Global Center of Competence, a small team of consultants and thought leaders in the fields of Social Collaboration and Social Media Analytics and Listening. My colleagues and I were handpicked from within IBM and around the greater digital community to lead IBM’s Social point of view and to help our clients successfully navigate and excel in this increasingly connected and data-oriented world.

To me, the most exciting part of this adventure is the flattening of entrenched corporate hierarchies, giving the average employee and customer an exponentially louder voice and a seat at the decision making table. Conversely it’s given companies and employers the ability to better engage their stakeholders, providing better services, more targeted offerings, and the opportunity to affect change within an organization.

I’ve created this site as a way to share some of my experiences and thoughts about the ever-changing digital world and my place in it. Please feel free to engage me on this site or Twitter, share your thoughts, disagree with mine, and make relevant suggestions.

So here we are, The Beginning of A(nother) Digital Journey.

Tighe Wall; consultant, thinker, Londoner by-way-of the US East Coast, future Chief Digital Officer.

Tighe Wall


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