Transformation Talks: Innovation in NZ with Vic Crone of Callaghan Innovation

Last week we kicked off the first of the Transformation Talks, a live interview series in which speak to leaders of true transformation and innovation in New Zealand. This series is a partnership of Contact Energy and our Auckland home, The Generator NZ. I can't imagine a better guest for the inaugural Transformation Talk than... Continue Reading →

Two months of inspiration – the start of my journey at Contact

This week marks two months for me as Chief Digital Officer of Contact Energy, a role for which my family moved from our beloved home in Amsterdam to Auckland. As everyone knows, we find ourselves in a dramatically different and unexpected place than we were in February. When interviewing for my role, meeting board members and... Continue Reading →

Keys to a Successful Enterprise-Wide Social Adoption

As the rate of companies and government agencies deploying enterprise-wide social strategies and tools increases -- whether it be IBM's Connections, SharePoint, Yammer, Huddle, or some combination of these -- it's important not to focus on simply why these tools are important, but how to make them successful. There's no silver bullet strategy or tool that will... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of A(nother) Digital Journey

Since early 2010 I've been travelling the world helping my clients adapt to and take advantage of the rapid evolution of digital technology. Some of these clients need help taking baby steps to advance their digital agendas, while others are pushing hard to incorporate digital across their entire value chains. I'm currently a member of the... Continue Reading →

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