Contact Energy is Growing Our Whanau

I'm incredibly proud to be a member of the Contact Energy Ltd team and whānau. Monday we announced our revamped and inclusive family leave policy, which is comprehensive and far-reaching. I think about my teams, some members of which are growing their families and will be directly affected by this - potentially in a life-changing way. It... Continue Reading →

Transformation Talks: Innovation in NZ with Vic Crone of Callaghan Innovation

Last week we kicked off the first of the Transformation Talks, a live interview series in which speak to leaders of true transformation and innovation in New Zealand. This series is a partnership of Contact Energy and our Auckland home, The Generator NZ. I can't imagine a better guest for the inaugural Transformation Talk than... Continue Reading →

Keys to a Successful Enterprise-Wide Social Adoption

As the rate of companies and government agencies deploying enterprise-wide social strategies and tools increases -- whether it be IBM's Connections, SharePoint, Yammer, Huddle, or some combination of these -- it's important not to focus on simply why these tools are important, but how to make them successful. There's no silver bullet strategy or tool that will... Continue Reading →

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